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Construction consultancy services

Construction Consulting helps clients - investors build - to organize the construction survey, design and construction bidding for the procurement of equipment investment, construction and installation bidding, construction supervision construction and acceptance of work completed. Generally, for projects of technical infrastructure works, the only investment advisory firm and build the job from start to finish.

Consulting engineer who built the qualifications and expertise to carry out construction consultancy. In VietNam, to the practice of consulting engineers need to build a practicing certificate, must have a minimum of 5 years working in the field of construction and number of project participants have had enough.

With many years experience in the market design consultancy and telecommunications projects, we can carry out consultancy work construction investment include:
  • Building Surveying;
  • Prepare investment reports, project reports or economic – technical
  • Verification of the effectiveness and feasibility of the project;
  • Design construction;
  • Verification of engineering design, design drawings, verify the total investment, project estimates;
  • Prepare records request, records invited pre-qualification, bidding documents and records analysis and evaluation of proposals, of pre-qualification tender for selection of contractors in construction activities;
  • Supervise construction surveying, construction supervision, monitoring equipment installation;
  • Preparation of construction norms, unit prices and construction;
  • Cost control construction works;
  • Management of construction costs: the total investment, project estimates, construction norms, the unit price construction contracts in construction activities,...
  • Management consulting projects.
  • The other consultancy work.
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