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Construction and installation services of telecommunications

Factory construction of telecommunications is established in 2004 by Hanoi post & telecommunication development and investment consulting joint-stock company, is one of two field-oriented developments of the company. After nearly 10 years of growth and development, XNXL No. 1 and XNXL No. 2 has confirmed the location and have the trust of customers.

XNXL have done many construction projects in the country, including the following areas:
  • Construction and installation of Postal - Telecommunication - Information Technology projects.
  • Execution of Civil construction works.
  • Construction and installation of Radio - Television projects.
The works that XNXL construction ensures progress, high quality technical and art, bringing satisfaction to our customers and partners. Having been so successful is because every large or small projects is done professionally by:
  • Manage department: management staffs, technical staffs are formally trained in the universities, has many years experience in organizing, directing construction, proficiency in technical knowledge and technology , a high sense of responsibility. Also always get the support from teams of consultants, design for telecommunication works - information technology in Factory of consultancy and designation.
  • Construction directly department: Includes a team of skilled workers are highly skilled, trained technical construction, labor discipline, occupational health and safety. Always ensure a sufficient number constructed workers for each project to achieve schedule.
  • Construction Equipment: Fully equipped machines, advanced construction equipment, modern equipment and labor safety protection for workers and construction sites. Regular addition of machines, new equipment to meet the development trend of technology.
  • Construction Materials: ensure timely delivery of the constructed schedule, always using the right type of materials, quantity, quality, origin and clearly label and follow the technical standards.
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