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History of development

The achievements of the Company to contribute to the development of the Telecommunications industry for 16 years has been recognized with the title:

Although newly established, but in 1995 Design Company has been awarded a flag of HaNoi Post Office "Unit emulation"

This decision is issued to specify the motto people know, people discuss, people, people check create a strong motivation to design postal company for sustainable development, promote business efficiency, improving life for workers, strengthen solidarity within the company.

Due to the complex problems of designing the survey, the number of female employees very small proportion, the minor but you strive to fulfill their professional duties assigned full participation of the room movement by Hanoi Post Office organization. The family of the wife she is always sure, gentle mother, child health good parenting, ... deserves the title of the collective good five years the two women.

With flags, certificates from the General Post Office, VNPT, General Police Department, the VietNam Post and Telecommunications Group, Department of Communication and Information in HaNoi, the Association of VietNam Construction Consulting, awarded Union ... because the excellent performance achieved in all areas of activity...