About us  Demonstration of design logo ideas

Demonstration of design logo ideas

Logo HADIC was built, combining the criteria of business production, mode of operation and creative cosmetic applications.

   Based on the modulation of three circles with different size to small area opposite the richness and body image form a whole block attachment, symbolic of companies operating in the field telecommunications and high expressiveness for looking at the logo HADIC visible, memorable and impressive.

   Three blocks circles represent the three areas of sustainable business operation of the company, the overall three circles arranged to express the idea of space, and the accuracy to absolute level of the universe, the emergence and nature of development HADIC.

   As a company active in the field of telecommunications technologies so that the HADIC logo is used blue traditional - characterized, bring shade of field, the postal technology industry. Blue has created a space for the logo.

Method of forming this logo is the harmonious combination between the three pairs of categories of contemporary design with the creativity of the designer: black - white, negative - positive, solid - empty. Logo HADIC achieve all the elements and completed cosmetic brand look.

   Logo HADIC in their use:

-    Do not use warm colors to show the logo on different materials: red, yellow and brown soil.

-    Do not express or sharp edges, the outer contour shape.

-    Logo can be the background shadows.