About us  Vision - Mission - Core values

Vision - Mission - Core values

1. Brand vision:

     Hanoi Post and Telecommunication Development  Investment  consultant  Join Stock company  is trying to become one of the leading brands of construction Investment consultants in the field of electronics, telecommunications and information technology. HADIC is the professional, prestige  and quality.

2. Mission:

     With long experience, HADIC  are always  update  the latest  technology trends in the world to provide the best quality, HADIC  offer solutions consulting, investment, constructing  efficiently  and  accordance with orientation in the field of telecommunications and information technology. Company contributions to the community and the socio-economic development of the country.

3. Core value:

HADIC, formerly the Hanoi Post and Telecommunication Designation company always promote the strength of communion, the unity of the will and acting.
HADIC is where each person is willing to share time, knowledge and experience to help build a strong common house.
HADIC see people are core elements: respect and encourage the dynamism, creativity, training and promotion of individual ability.
HADIC always put the interests of our customers first. Coordinate closely with customers to provide advice and solutions, the most suitable products to ensure customers achieve their goals in an optimal way, efficient use and saving investment . Emphasis on evaluating investment opportunities, to ensure the victory.
HADIC  developing internal resources focus,  integration and development.