About us  Strategies


1. Continuing the tradition of Post and Telecommunication
    Inherited nearly 20 years of construction and development, HADIC always focus on transmission between generations of experience to create the forte of the company.

2. The company is second  family of  member:
   - HADIC always organize community activities to staff of  the department  with conditions to meet, interact, learn from each other, and strengthen the bond of unity.
   - Leaders and heads of department  are always a leader both in the work of professional, cultural behavior and community action to create trust for employees.

3.  Personnels  are the core factors:
   - Our team is the most important factor to the success of the company. The company not only to employees for a job but also give them the opportunity to learn, be trained, tested and built his career.
   - To secure the employee  loyalty, the company building appropriate treatment regime for officials and employees have the capacity and flexible mechanism to create incentives for training efforts of the younger generation they rise up to become key officials in the future.
   - Training to become regular monthly plan: training updates of new technologies and seminars to supplement the knowledge and practical experience, participation in professional training facilities prestigious training.

4.  To enhance customer benefits:
   - Efforts to customer satisfaction through continuous process improvement of product quality and company service provider.
   - Building relationships with the businesses, partners and colleagues on the basis of mutual interest to share mutual benefits to grow together.
   - Regular contact with customers, efforts in customer service, maintain and improve relationships with customers. Always ready to assist customers when required.

5. Focus on developing internal resources, the integration and development:
 Internal resources  is the power itself:
   - To enhance technical infrastructure, equipment service management and design.
   - Improving qualifications and experience, bravery, spirit of creativity, dynamism and unity of staff.
   - Branding HADIC become a leading brand, sustainability and create a strong impression in the minds of the customers and investors.
   - Diversify advisory services, investment, construction and business expansion.

Active integration and development:
   - Participation in research projects and potential opportunities for cooperation of the telecommunications industry, Vietnam's IT, IT applications in e-government, health, education and community service facilities.
   - Closely following the development of value added services, information technology, the convergence of television and telecommunications to be able to provide consultancy, investment and construction projects in this area.
   - Establish a mechanism for more effective cooperation in many different forms.
   - Seizing the opportunity to expand partnerships, business development with foreign companies, fast integration with the region and the world in the field of information technology there by enhancing the competitiveness of the company. To further confirm the brand with quality service, to maintain market share, investment and development breadth and depth.