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Nguồn Vnexpress

In May will launch Vinasat-2

14/03/2012 | 09:59

"It is expected May , 2012, Vinasat-2 will be launched into orbit", the Minister of MIC Nguyen Bac Son said at the conference briefing meeting the State management MIC occurs pm March 12, 2012

  VINASAT-2 projects with total investment cost of about 280-300 million. In particular, the main package of satellite control station, launch services accounted for about $ 215 million, the remaining package of insurance, consulting ...
  VINASAT-2 is a geostationary communications satellite after launch can provide a satellite service for the development of application services such as voice services, television, mobile communication, data transmission
, Internet, training services and telemedicine, communication for fishermen at sea, weather forecasting, defense security service ... Special offers traffic information for emergencies such as natural disasters, traffic to the remote areas and islands where other modes of transmission are difficult to reach.
   VINASAT-2 has 24 Ku-band sensor response (bandwidth 36 MHz), after optimization satellite design can exploit up to 25 sensor response time to end life. Coverage of the VINASAT-2 also extended than VINASAT-1, while adding both countries Singapore and parts of Malaysia.
   Transmission capacity of VINASAT-2 equivalent to 13,000 voice channels / Internet / or data communication channel 150.
Design life of Vinasat-2 is 15 years and is expected to be recovered of the satellite which is similar to VINASAT-1 is about 10 years.
  Group Vietnam Post and Telecommunications (VNPT), the unit allows the government launched Vinasat has chosen to use the service free of ArianSpace Arian 5 rocket to launch VINASAT-2.
  VINASAT-2 will be controlled by the satellite control station Que Duong (Hanoi) and backup stations located in Binh Duong.
  The VINASAT-2 to free up time to meet the demand for satellite services to Vinasat-1 has been registered for use near the end of mining capacity. We have 150 standard HD channels, SD, the network of the Ministry of Public Security, Ministry of  Defence and of public telecommunications networks ... use Vinasat-1 with a coverage of Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand and parts of Myanmar. In 2011, Vinasat-1 has grossed 263.5 billion.
   Previously, there were VINASAT-2 is expected to launch in the 3rd week of April, 2012, but due to some reasons, reporters
had to step back.
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