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Nguồn Vnexpress

VNPT pay income tax in Vietnam's highest 3 consecutive years

24/02/2012 | 14:29

VNPT has overcome its competitors in the fields of banking, financial ... to lead the list have contributed 1,000 enterprises income tax in Vietnam for 3 consecutive years (2008-2010)

On 22/11/2011, the company stock assessment report (Vietnam Report) shall coordinate with the BBC and the Journal of Taxation announced 1000 income tax business in Vietnam for three consecutive years (2008 -2010) for the national budget.

According to new findings published this, VNPT has overcome its competitors in the fields of banking, financial ... to lead the list of 1,000 corporate income tax in Vietnam.

Although in 2010, in the context of Vietnam's economy affected by global financial crisis and the market conditions VT increasingly fierce competition, but of VNPT revenue still exceeded 100 trillion mark - the highest level ever. In 2011, VNPT fulfill revenue 130 trillion, up 28% compared to 2010 and pay the state budget from 8450 billion dong or more targets continue to maintain its number one position in the market in water and in 2015, became one of 10 leading ICT companies in Asia.

No. 2 of the Limited Company Corporation oil and gas exploration. Oil and Gas Joint Venture Vietnam - Russia (Vietsovpetro) ranked third. National Petroleum Corporation Vietnam ranked No. 4. Telecom Corporation Viettel ranked 5 ... The rest are other units of the banking sector, mobile telecommunication, petroleum and coal minerals.

V1000 is based on the results of the investigation, processing and verifying of data companies are ranked from the reference database VNR500 - Top 500 biggest enterprises in Vietnam; based systems Data more than 250,000 businesses across the country of Vietnam Vietnam Report, data from two HOSE and HOSE stock exchange, and particularly from more than 3,000 business records sent to verify and reconcile, on the principle that maintain objectivity methodology for compliance with international standards of similar charts in the world.
(According ICTnews)

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