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Nguồn Vnexpress

Viettel launched television services X-conference

06/03/2012 | 16:45

Viettel Technologies has provided to customers television services HD X-conference. With a network of tens of thousands of bridges that can connect to more than 100 countries around the world and constantly expanding network of Viettel Technologies X-conference to the benefit of video conferencing increases exponentially.

1. Leased@office service package
   For those customers wishing to use big but budget constraints, Viettel Technologies service provider  TV conference Leased@office.
   Use Leased@office customers need only pay user charges actually incurred that are no longer worried about the large initial investment, technological change as well as handling the problem of a nature area system the high.

2. Buy @ office service pack
   Meeting the needs of a TV conference system special display size, the control center ... Provide Viettel Technologies Buy@ office.
1. X-conference open space to meet modern business
   Not limited to internal communications, network integration X-Conference to help businesses contact customers, partners as easily as mobile phone use and effective as firsthand. X-conference meeting space make up the modern enterprise where cooperation opportunities were extended to all countries and customer relations were tightened as the immediate family. With X-conference world is really flat.
2. Method X-conference meetings, event efficiency
   Gathering by X-conference, leaders can deliver messages directly to each employees, avoid red tape and ensure operational activities focused and unified.
   With the display size, organization X-Conference events by the number of unrestricted demand, enterprises can overcome all limitations of space, time to transmit at the same time moments particularly to its customers.
3. X-conference shorten product development research
   Thanks to X-Conference, all working groups can coordinate a food ideas in product development processes. Even if outsourcing some stages, the enterprises can work directly through the bridge. Thus, the optimal product quality than in the process, time is shortened. X-conference helped to cut 25% of product development time. Launch new products quickly dominate the market is worth noting benefits of the X-Conference in the world of competition and product life cycle on a short.
4. X-conference effective recruiting tool
   With X-Conference, enterprises increase the range and quality of employment, reduced admission time through the ability to:

  • Connect instantly with job candidates anywhere, anytime
  • 35% savings of time and effort to travel recruitment
  • Save 30% direct costs and opportunity costs attached to

   Also features comfort band, X-conference allows us to keep the image of the interview to assess more accurately the candidate after the interview.
5. X-class global conference
   X-Conference also opened a new training trend for universities and training centers: a global class in place with all the benefits of studying abroad and more. The global class can:

  • Connect the classes and seminars, all over the world
  • Connect to the company practice
  • Connect to the international recruitment company
  • Recording sessions and presentations as references for students

   Using video conferencing systems in education, you have opened a training model more interactive and comprehensive.
6. X-conference examination and treatment remote
   HD technology for true photo quality video conferencing to help trusted applications in the most complex surgeries like heart surgery, kidney transplants.
   X-conference is the ultimate tool for medical help:

  • Improve the quality of treatment through remote workshop with leading experts
  • Shorten the rotation time patients to medical facilities treating conditions
  • Promote the sharing of expertise between physicians

                                                                              See details at www.xconference.vn.

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