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Nguồn Vnexpress

Bank of East Asia are considering merger

19/03/2012 | 09:08

Market is still in progress monitoring information acquisition Sacombank. Other banks have also tapped and preparation.

If the shareholders' meeting of the EAB in late March through,
EAB will consider combining with another bank.

   Tran Phuong Binh, General Director of East Asia Bank (EAB) said that, if the shareholders' meeting of the EAB in late March through, EAB will consider combining with another bank.

  Sir, so EAB to actively seek partners and vice versa?

  Recently, a number of organizations have raised the issues combined, merged with EAB, wants the development of banking services. I think the policy of merger, consolidation is right and has become the trend.
  To expedite this, in May to conduct EAB working with strategic advice on business development and some other advice. When trading strategies relatively clear, we will resolutely implement.
  We spoke with many partners. There we find partners for future capabilities. However, I do not "have eyes" are one. If people comply, the EAB is ready to proceed. If a merger, it is important that the brand of EAB must be retained. Typically, a bank merger is based in Southern merged with a bank based in the North would be better for network development and market allocation. Moreover, the good thing is that merger would be appreciated assets, better customer service ...

  As one of the founders and executive EAB nearly 20 years, he has lo lose control?

  I do not fear loss of rights in EAB, as adopted "married" to build together the "family" happy, to grow in the future. In contrast, past the market place of the silent takeover, whether to achieve the purpose, I think that would be difficult internal consistency and operation strategies. The acquirer intends to declare publicly, at least in sight who is gaining notice for self-defense.

  But the foreign strategic shareholders were to stage, sir?

  Many foreign financial institutions have raised the issues. I think it is a "marriage", they themselves must be "public use language behavior" and "monogamy", providing value for new partners, they stay long. I wanted to establish "family", but that some strategic partner has "in harmony".
                                                                                                   According to Dantri.com.vn

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