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     Now, HADIC operates under the Business License No. 0101584217 dated 09 May 2011 issued by Department of Planning and Investment of Hanoi. The operating activities of the Company are:
Construction and installation of post and telecommunications, information technology; the industrial, transportation and civil works;
-     Manufacturing prefabricated concrete slabs, reinforced concrete poles, wire and telephone cable;
-    Verification and reporting the investment reports, construction projects, technical and economic reports of projects related to electricity, industrial, civil, traffic, water conservancy, communications, broadcasting, the infrastructure for urban and industrial parks;
-     Planning and designing the architectural works;
-     Designing the electrical communication works;
-     Designing the fire protection system for construction works;
-     Designing the electricity delivery for the electricity works;
-     Designing the road bridge works;
-     Designing the structure for construction of civil and industrial works;
-     Designing the construction of industrial and civil works;
-   Preparing, verifying the budget and budgeting the projects related to electricity, industrial, civil, traffic, water conservancy, communications, broadcasting, architecture, technical infrastructure of industrial parks and urban areas ;
-    Managing the project related to investment and construction, consulting on bidding and consulting on contracts of designation, construction and supplement equipment for projects related to electricity, industrial, civil, traffic, water conservancy, communications, broadcasting,  architecture, technicalinfrastructure of industrial parks and urban areas 
-    Building inspection; equipment and technical systems of post and communications installation
-   Building inspection for the projects related to the industry of Electronics – IT; in the field of industrial equipment installation, construction equipment installation;
-    Trading and import/export the machinery, equipment, means of transportation on the field of electricity, industrial, civil, traffic, water conservancy, communications, broadcasting, architecture, technical infrastructure of industrial parks and urban areas.
Manufacturing, erection, repairing and maintenance the high pole construction, telecommunication and IT equipment and other equipment in field office, stations, post.
-     Assembling the equipment of telecommunication, IT, electrical, explosion engine, and cooling equipment;
-   Rental the products, equipment of telecommunication, electricity, electronics, IT, explosion engine and cooling equipment;
-   Service of monitoring technical quality of network devices, telecommunications and electronics equipment, broadcasting equipment.
-      Commission buyer, seller and goods consignment, commission service on the telecommunication network.
-   Trading equipment, machinery and tools relating to post and telecommunication and other equipment and machinery
-   Service of passenger transportation, freight transportation by cars and other means of transportation by contractual or default route.
-     Training on the field of post and telecommunication, IT (only operating under the licensing of related authorities).
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