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Nguồn Vnexpress

Major projects

27/03/2012 | 13:32

In the field of consulting and designation:

1.   Designation the circuit switching system
-       Installation the switch boards
-       Designation for the widening circuit switching system
-       Preparation the projects for auxiliary equipment
2.   Designation the system of transmission
-       Designation Fibre Optic Transmission System (FOTS)
-       Establishment the introspection transmission system
-       Upgrading the FOTS on the North South axis
3.   Designation the network of peripheral
-       Widen the network of peripheral on the Post and Telecommunication Departments of provinces and cities
-       Building the network of cables and inverted siphons in the areas
-       Building the network of inverted siphons
-       Repairing the network of peripheral on the Telecommunication Centers
4.   Designation, building the networks for industrial parks, urban areas and local area
5.   Designation, building FOTS
-       Widen the capacity of fiber loops
-       Building the inter-provincial FOTS
6.   Designation, building the IT networks
7.   Designation, building the network of data communication
8.   Designation, building the broadcasting networks
9.   Designation, building the electricity networks
10. Designation the ADSL networks
11. Preparing the projects for new services:
-       Widen the system of NGN (Next Generation Networks)
-       Equipping the DWDM (Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing)
-       Purchasing the testing equipment
12.Designation of antenna poles


In the field of post and telecommunication construction:

1.   Building the FOTS for the districts in the western of HaNoi
2.   Building the system of log-in inverted siphons and earth cable on the switch board
3.   Building house and pole foundation for BTS
4.   Providing fiber cable and erecting the poles for BTS
5.   Building the computer systems supporting the Asia Indoor Games III

In the field of supervision:

1.   Undergrounding the cables and electricity, telecommunication wires in the streets of HaNoi for the 1000 years Thang Long – HaNoi Anniversary
2.   Building the FOTS on the 3 centers: HaNoi, HCM City and DaNang.
3.     Supervising the construction of telecommunication infrastructure in the new urban areas.

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